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"Merlin Telecom’s systems made recruitment easier and more efficient"

Positive Accountants

Andy Lock and his team at Positive Accountants are “Chartered Accountants with the right Attitude”, providing an accountancy service that is more than – “show us your books, there’s your accounts, and here is your bill”, as they provide a full accountancy support service throughout the year which is well above the norm.

Although a client of Merlin Telecom for several years, Positive Accountants recently embarked on a recruitment process at a time of year that was especially busy for them.

Merlin Telecom proposed a solution which was to utilise the technology capability of the telephone system to conduct first stage candidate screening via a voice-recorded process, which then enabled the candidate to initially present their skills over the phone.

This was highly successful and time-efficient; and Positive Accountants were delighted with the scope and flexibility of their phone technology to improve their business operation in a simple, yet effective way.

Andy Lock explains “having dealt with a number of suppliers in my time Merlin Telecom is the first company that I have come across that I actually trust. The approach to first understanding my business is refreshing and I have absolute confidence that you will provide the most appropriate and cost effective solutions as the business grows. I can happily recommend Merlin Telecom as a supplier that do the essentials very well and added to that, can provide effective solutions to help businesses operate more efficiently and productively. Look no further. Andy Lock ACA – Positive Accountants